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Thunk Recordings, Sydney’s seminal electronic label from the late 90s and noughties is very pleased to announce the re-release of their entire back catalogue (plus tonnes of unreleased material) to all the digital streaming services and channels.

The 30+ release catalogue will be drip-fed, starting with the original Thunk release from label founders under the guise of Earthlink, along with the first EPs from the other main Thunk artists; Head Affect, Pocket and Infusion.

Let’s take it back… Thunk Recordings was formed in 1996 in Sydney by electronic musician Brett Mitchell (from pioneering Australian electronic band Boxcar), local club and rave DJ Phil Smart, and esteemed British (though at the time) Sydney based, art director Timon Harrison.

Thunk was born as somewhat of a reaction to the lack of outlets for the types of music being produced by many local Sydney artists, who were all making a flavour of electronic music that didn’t quite fit into any of the existing local ( or even international) labels.

The Thunk team realised that with the advent of current desktop computing, they could in fact create and record the music, produce the artwork and promotional material to support the releases from the comfort of their own homes and release it in true DIY style. It seems slightly crazy now, but this was the situation at the time.

“... a floor destroying main course of acid mayhem second to none… a must.”
Mixmag UK 5/5

So began Thunk Recordings, a label dedicated to the dancefloor sounds that were being made by their fellow electronic musicians in Sydney and beyond. These uniquely Australian sounds quickly developed a cult following around the world, garnering positive global press, support by some of the world’s most iconic DJs and licensing deals from international labels.

The journey continued until 2002, with over 20 EPs released on vinyl, a number compilations on CD and another Environments ambient album.

Fast forward to now, again to the label founders’ surprise, there has recently been a huge amount of interest in the label’s output from around the world, including the capital of electronic music, Berlin. We had somewhat of a bidding war for the licence and rerelease of the first Thunk release, Earthlink’s Spectral EP. This set off a light bulb, that now was the time to finally re-release the entire back catalogue and make it digitally available for the first time for a new generation of music lovers as well as those who were there the first time around.

“… a seething wall of thundering, funked out, peak hour floor action… full-on, floor pumping action…excellent…”
Mixmag UK 5/5